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Toygers Fleur de Lys

We are a small family Toygers breeding in Canada, located in the Lower Laurentians, Quebec. Respect, quality and professionalism are at the heart of our concerns, both for our cats and our customers.

Fascinated by felines, our passion has led us to want a wild cat. That’s how we discovered the Toyger, a very rare breed in Quebec. Seduced by her beautiful dress, we did some research to find out more. We fell in love! This house tiger looks like a big cat, but retains its sweet, playful and affectionate character.
Our breeding consists of 4 Toygers: Sheldon, Naury, Bella and Naruto. Ruby will join us in the coming months. How lucky we are to share our daily life with them!

The Toyger is not a Bengal and must not look like it in a striped version!

Developed to look like a tiger, it has no wild blood and is not a hybrid animal. When you look at a Toyger you have to pay close attention to his head.

 He must have :

  • small round and close eyes;
  • a broad and powerful nose, strong pattons (the jowls where the mustaches are attached);
  • small rounded ears.

The Toyger’s body is muscular and robust. When he walks, we feel the muscle rolling under his skin like a big beast. He is a cat with a good energy level, who is smart and likes to play. Gentle, affectionate and playful, he loves and seeks the presence of the human.

Adult, the male can reach 15 pounds and the female 10 pounds. Some lines can reach a higher weight!

We hope to make you fall under the spell of the Toygers as it was the case for us!

Breed : Toyger

Province / State / Department : Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs, Qc

Country : Canada

Breeding years : 2017

Website : www.toygersfleurdelys.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Toygers-Fleur-de-Lys-773811886154612/

Phone Number : (450) 806-7506

Complimentary informations  : Our breeders are FIV and FELV tested. They all pass a PCR (stool test thrust) on arrival to ensure their health and give them the necessary care, if any. We are members of Cats Canada Cats (CCC), TICA (The International Cat Association), Club Félin Laurentides-Lanaudière and are in the process of receiving Anima-Québec accreditation

I offer the export service

Spoker Languages : French, English

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