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Toronto Gecko Co.

Small Scale, Big Passion.

We produce premium lineage geckos from world-class premier bloodlines.

Here at Toronto Gecko Co. we specialize in the breeding conservation of the highest quality forms of Eublepharis Macularius, Correlophus Ciliatus & new for 2021 Rhacodactylus Auriculatus.

Our breeder specimens have been acquired from World-Class Bloodlines from around the globe. We have hand-picked our breeders specifically for their unique phenotypic traits, genetic diversity, anatomical structure & rarity. We strive to only work with premier bloodlines to enhance the global & local gene pools, while aiding in the conservation of healthy & strong specimens.

When purchasing from us, you can rest assured knowing our gecko’s have received a premium level of care & handling until the day they meet you.

Breeds : Eublepharis Macularius, Correlophus Ciliatus, Rhacodactylus Auriculatus

Province / State / Department : Toronto, Ontario

Country : Canada

Website :


Breeder since 2016

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I offer local delivery (+/- 100 km)

I offer global delivery

Spoken Languages : English

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