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Savannah Canada

Savannah Canada is a breeder of Savannah cats of high generation and Servals located in Vancouver, Canada.

A breeder since 2005, Savannah Canada stands out for the quality of its cats and the behavioral development of their cats. Savannah Sanada, a TICA registered cattery.

Breeds : Savannah, Serval

Generations : F1 – F2 – F3 – F4

Province / State / Department : Vancouver, British-Columbia

Country : Canada

Breeding years : 2005

Website : www.savannahcanada.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/savannahcanada.ca

Additional information : Our cats are tested for IVF, FELV, pra-B, PKDef.

We are registered TICA.

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* Additionnal fees may apply.

Spoken Languages : French & English

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Rating Entries

<b>Comment: </b>Excellent breeding
World's first savanah And serval breeding <3
<b>Comment: </b>I am looking for an young adult savanna that needs new home. I already have one but it seem to be lonely. I am retired and not in a position to buy one,but able to offer very good forever home.
I only have this type of cat for its great health /no possibility of inbred /. She is 3 years old. I must say her need for constant entertainment makes me think that she is wanting company.
<b>Comment: </b>I was wondering if you had any servals available for purchase? I have a large house and outside enclosure and many years of wildlife experience to properly accommodate a serval for its entire life.
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