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Savannah des Aravis – Mayana

Fascinated by felines, I waited to be able to mount my breeding to have all the conditions necessary to be able to take care of my savannah as it is necessary and to be able to give them all the necessary attention to their good development and their happiness. Small cattery that advocates quality to quantity.
Our cats are very well socialized, they live with us and are an integral part of the family. They are healthy from all diseases and tested anyway. We try to provide a high-end service for high-end felines.

Breed : Savannah

Province / State / Department : Hautes-Alpes

Country : France


Website :

Phone Number : 0659834745

Additional Information: Affiliate Testing, pkdef, pkd, pra. Affiliated with TICA, loof and soon Savannah Cat Association

Spoken Language : French and any other language via “iTranslate”.

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