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Rexpertise Cattery

Breeders of German shepherds since 2003, our decision to raise Cornish Rex cats was a thought out one, well researched and well advised. Long gone are the illusions that it would be easy, fun or even profitable. No, if we chose to raise Cornish Rex cats, it is through passion and love of this wonderful breed and motivated by the desire to join the few responsible breeders who have given themselves the mission to protect and improve this breed.
The Cornish Rex cat breed is a curly haired, very elegant cat. We aim for nothing less than excellence; refined exquisite type, health and longevity thanks to the very rigorous health screening, and finally, the irresistible temperament of a real Cornish Rex cat, which is a charming blend of cat, dog and little monkey! You are sure to fall under his spell …
All our breeding cats are tested and free of genetic diseases (PRA, PKD), all cats in the cattery are free of FeLV (feline leukemia) and FIV (feline AIDS), they are tested by DNA pcr tests for parasites and viruses. Our Rex Cornish kittens are covered by a two-year written health guarantee for congenital and genetic diseases and are already sterilized (spayed or neutered), dewormed, identified by microchip and vaccinated before leaving for their new homes.
Kittens leave with a kit containing, food, a blanket, toys, information, a USB drive containing a multitude of pictures of your kittens litter from his birth to his departure. They are covered by a free health insurance policy of an eights weeks period.
Our cats are characterized by their highly sought-after type, true to the standard of the breed; flowing curves, defined lines, large well placed ears, large eyes reflecting their keen intelligence, silky coats, graceful bodies, long and athletic, their quality will meet your expectations.
Curiosity, intelligence, affection and social attraction make them companion cats of exceptional quality!
Our kittens are socialized in our home with our children, cats and dogs, in a healthy and loving environment. Cats and their kittens receive stimulating interaction every day! We are passionate about this very special breed and our mission is to produce healthy kittens, aiming for the longevity and unique temperament of real Cornish Rex cats.
Although it is the cat itself that fascinates us, I still see the need to participate in cat shows to demonstrate the quality and seriousness of my breeding program. Thus, we get critical, objective opinions and advice from judges to help us improve and validate our breeding program. We are very proud of the results obtained by our cats in the competitions.

Breed : Cornish Rex

Province / State / Departement : Granby, Quebec

Country : Canada

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Rexpertise/

Website : http://www.rexpertise.ca/

Phone Number : (450) 991-2697

Additional information : Our cattery is registered with the CFA, CCC, CCA and TICA, We are members of the Club Felin Rive-Sud EMC and the Cornish Rex Club of Canada. Our cattery is certidied by Anima-Quebec wit a Genetics Plus Distinction.

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Spoken Languages : English, French

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