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Maritime Geckos

Specializing in  leopard geckos but also work with a variety of other geckos and reptiles including some snakes.  Largest leopard gecko breeder in Atlantic Canada.  We have a variety of bloodlines from reputable breeders around the world

Breeds : Leopard geckos and variety of other geckos.  Uromastyx, Rankin’s Dragons, Painted Agama, Sand Boas, Rosy Boas, Corn Snakes

Province / State / Department : PEI (Prince Edward Island)

Country : Canada

Website :


 Phone Number : (902) 432-0194

Additional informations : Variety of credentials from reputable continued education, including certified Herpetologist.

I offer the export service

I offer the interprovincial delivery

Spoken Languages : English & French

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