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Savannah Canada

Savannah Canada is a breeder of Savannah cats of high generation and Servals located in Vancouver, Canada.

A breeder since 2005, Savannah Canada stands out for the quality of its cats and the behavioral development of their cats. Savannah Sanada, a TICA registered cattery.

Breeds : Savannah, Serval

Generations : F1 – F2 – F3 – F4

Province / State / Department : Vancouver, British-Columbia

Country : Canada

Breeding years : 2005

Website : www.savannahcanada.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/savannahcanada.ca

Additional information : Our cats are tested for IVF, FELV, pra-B, PKDef.

We are registered TICA.

I offer the export service

I offer delivery

* Additionnal fees may apply.

Spoken Languages : French & English

Rating Entries

Comment: Had a great experience with this Breeder! Great quality kittens and provides unlimited support and knowledge after the sale!



Comment: Catherine sold me a very sick Male F1 Savannah.

Hipnotik cats was her old company name.

She has cut us off called us arrogant after we took our boy to 5 different vets and had all tests done for his breathing problems. He had mycoplasma virus and has asthma. Heart murmur. Not to mention herpes virus. It is unbelievable.


Do not buy from her.

Go to a real breeder who will refund you if your cat becomes I'll or like in our case was born with health issues and was given to us without any help

Yoze has breathing attacks almost every night and mornings.

Catherine should man up and contact us.

We will be posting his breathing attacks on Instagram soon.

She needs to be shamed for cutting us off and making us pay 13,000$ for vet bills while he was under her fake health garrentee.




Comment: I was wondering if you had any servals available for purchase? I have a large house and outside enclosure and many years of wildlife experience to properly accommodate a serval for its entire life.



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