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Why Breeder Advisor?

Breeder Advisor was originally created to help people find a qualified and recommended domestic pet breeder. Too many breeders exist and no one knows whether they are trust worthy or not. Where to look for a good, recommended breeder?

Breeder Advisor is the reference to find a recommended breeding program of all breeds of exotic and domestic animals. All are part of the referral program that helps find the breeder of your next pet and also give your opinion on it.

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Our NEW breeders

Alberta Savannah’s

Alberta Savannah's If you are looking for a pet that will turn heads with their uncommon and wild-looking features, or if you just need a new addition to your family, the Savannah cat is a great and unique choice. They are as intelligent as they are beautiful. They...

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BareEnough Sphynx Cattery

BareEnough Sphynx BareEnough Sphynx Cattery is an LLC. My Cattery is permitted through the County of San Bernardino. I have yearly checks of the Cattery through the Health Dept Veterinary Services. My Cattery is a safe and healthy Cattery with healthy and well...

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VIPLEO® Cattery VIPLEO®- the rarest and unique cats in the world. We are engaged in breeding of the most desired and exotic kittens. During many years of work we could collect the rarest species, hybrids and breeds of cats. You can buy the kittens of caracal, serval,...

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Nadacatz We began our breeding life working with the Canadian Sphynx breed for the past decade. in 2017, after much work with outcrossing and striving to make the breed better we decided to end the era and began focusing on our Devon Rex program and Lykoi cats as...

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Savanah des Aravis – Mayana

Savannah des Aravis - Mayana Fascinated by felines, I waited to be able to mount my breeding to have all the conditions necessary to be able to take care of my savannah as it is necessary and to be able to give them all the necessary attention to their good...

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