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Why Breeder Advisor?

Breeder Advisor was originally created to help people find a qualified and recommended domestic pet breeder. Too many breeders exist and no one knows whether they are trust worthy or not. Where to look for a good, recommended breeder?

Breeder Advisor is the reference to find a recommended breeding program of all breeds of exotic and domestic animals. All are part of the referral program that helps find the breeder of your next pet and also give your opinion on it.

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Our NEW breeders

Royal Devons cattery

Royal Devons CatteryWe specialize in this beautiful, exotic cat breed; Devon Rex. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to share our passion for this amazing breed of cats with you. If you are looking for an exquisite, healthy and affectionate kitten to add joy...

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Bengal Laurentides

Bengal LaurentidesExclusive breeding in a family environment. We offer kittens with exceptional temperament and spectacular look. At Bengal Laurentides, we prioritize the health of our breeders and their well being. Our cattery is equipped with many private nursing...

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Biewer Tatie’s Love

Biewer Tatie's LoveBiewer Tatie's Love is a small home based breeder located in Lanaudière Terrebonne 10 minutes from Montreal. Passionate for years and canine educator for 20 years But what is this beautiful Biewer !! The Biewer is a small dog: Hypoallergenic,...

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Bengl’Amour cattery

Bengl'AmourWe are a bengal cats home based cattery in Granby, Quebec. Our breeders are above all, our pets and best friends. Our parents are tested negative at Pra-b, Pk-def & FIV / FELV. Our breeders and their kittens are sociabilized with dogs, rabbits, children...

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Saphira Bengal

Saphira BengalWe are a purebred Bengal and Havana Brown family breeder, focused on the health, quality, sociability and well-being of our kittens and their parents. We are located in Drummondville (Quebec), and established since 2007. Our cattery is registered with...

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Alberta Savannah’s

Alberta Savannah's If you are looking for a pet that will turn heads with their uncommon and wild-looking features, or if you just need a new addition to your family, the Savannah cat is a great and unique choice. They are as intelligent as they are beautiful. They...

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