We are a bengal cats home based cattery in Granby, Quebec. Our breeders are above all, our pets and best friends. Our parents are tested negative at Pra-b, Pk-def & FIV / FELV. Our breeders and their kittens are sociabilized with dogs, rabbits, children and other cats of the house! We are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) and the Chats Canada Cats. We are part of the Mondou breeders program and hold our permit from MAPAQ, we are also in certification procedures by Anima Québec! When our kittens leave the cattery, they receive two vaccines and two dewormers, are sterilized / castrate as well as microchips! They also leave with a starter kit and their registrations! We are passionate about our breed! Our passion for cats has a long history. We started by doing feline rescue and being a host family for some shelters. For 7 years we gave ourselves to the cause of stray cats. One day, we adopt our first purebred cat, a large Maine Coon. Not having much information about this great breed, we were looking for useful information and we came across the picture of a cat with very special looks. In love with his beautiful brown dress, we did some research and we have documented a lot about this breed, after that we met a first Bengal! We fell in love with the breed! Despite our great experience in the world of the feline, we have from the beginning discovered how feline world is a difficult world, so we followed several trainings to perfect as much as possible! We do our best to satisfy you and to get you the kitten that will suit you and your family!
Breed: Bengal Province / State / Department: Granby, Quebec Country: Canada Breeding since: 2017 Website: Facebook: Additional information: Pra-b, Pk-def, Fiv / Felv, Chat Canada Cats (CCC) and TICA
I offer export services Spoken languages : English, French
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