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We began our breeding life working with the Canadian Sphynx breed for the past decade. in 2017, after much work with outcrossing and striving to make the breed better we decided to end the era and began focusing on our Devon Rex program and Lykoi cats as well. My family and I are owned by a diverse group of Lykoi Cats and Devon Rex. We have been involved with the Lykoi Cat breed since the first pair were discovered in 2011 and assisted with developing the breed. We are the 2nd breeder in the world to register a litter of Lykoi kittens. All of our breeding Lykoi cats have complete DNA testing for over 40 genetic diseases, 20+ traits as well as genetic diversity. We strive to provide our new families with healthy, happy and well adjusted babies that meet the breed’s standards.

We have been owned by some amazing Devon Rex since 2008, and have had Regional Winning cats over the years. We are registered in TICA & CFA.

Breed : Lykoi, Devon Rex

Province / State / Department : Spring Hill, Florida

Country : USA

Breeding since : 2006

Website : http://www.nadacatz.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Lykoicatz

Additional information : Optimal Selection Feline Genetic Breeding Analysis, Merial Purevax vaccinations, member of the DRBC and registered cattery in CFA and TICA.

I offer the delivery service

I offer the export service

  • We work with a few couriers that deliver our kittens within in the Continental United States as well as Internationally.

Spoken Language : English

Rating Entries

Comment: I've known Cheryl for over ten years and have gotten 3 kittens and a retired adult from her. Not only are they beautiful cats, they are healthy and have amazing personalities. Cheryl breeds quality and strives for perfection. I am proud to have Nada cats.



Comment: Cheryl is a fantastic breeder. AS a veterinarian I highly recommend her as she is what every breeder should strive to be. She is open and forthcoming about any health issues with her cats. I now have 5 cats from her and all were incredibly healthy and well socialized when I got them. Cheryl has the best interests of her cats and her owners at heart. I recommend her to anyone looking for a Devon or a Lykoi



Comment: There aren’t enough good things I can say and Cheryl. I have 3 cats from her and I wouldn’t want to go through any other breeder if I were ever to add to my clan. She’s full of knowledge and has answers to any questions or concerns anyone may have. She’s also always there for her buyers after the kitten goes home for ANY reason at all wether it be an emergency or a simple question. She’s quick to update and keep you in the loop in regards to your new baby and their journey of growth from birth until placed in your home. Seriously, there aren’t enough good things to be said about her. I’m so beyond grateful for her always.



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