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Bengal Laurentides

Exclusive breeding in a family environment.

We offer kittens with exceptional temperament and spectacular look. At Bengal Laurentides, we prioritize the health of our breeders and their well being. Our cattery is equipped with many private nursing rooms for each mother and their kitten. No cat is in a cage or even in pens. We are certified Anima-Quebec and have a lot of permits, certificates and registrations. CCC, TICA and CFA …

Our after sales service is very important and we are pleased to be present for all our adopters in real time.

Our cattery is unique in Canada with our unique facilities in a wild and healthy setting, but is also easily accessible.

Come visit our website and discover the passion of this magnificent breed but also, the demand of the constant improvement of our Bengals.

Breed: Bengal

Province / State / County: St-Sauveur, Quebec

Country: Canada

Date of creation of the breeding: 2015

Website: https://www.bengallaurentideskittens.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bengalaurentides/

Phone: 514-567-7123

Additional information: Tica. ccc cfa. Pra-b, pk-def, HCM or pet cardio. All babies leave sterilized.

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Spoken Languages : English, French

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